How a Virtual Assistant can help Achieve a Great Work-Life Balance

Succeeding in business is time-consuming, and there’s a lot of work involved. A lot of your time will actually be spent on the kind of things that you don’t even get directly paid for. This can include tasks such as admin and dealing with emails and phone calls. Fitting all this in alongside the actual, primary work that you handle can result in long hours and a lot of effort. This can eat into your work-life balance by reducing your free time and also impact the quality of the time you spend with family or on hobbies by leaving you feeling burned out.

What is Burnout?

Burnout is much more than just a form of tiredness – at least if it’s allowed to build up over time until you feel like you have been burnt out completely. It’s a huge build-up of stress, worry and even fear brought about by your responsibilities to the business. Lots of time spend pouring all your effort into your work and little time spent with your family and friends can build up until one day it all becomes too much. Despite what you may think, working this hard doesn’t even do your business any good. You will not be working at full effectiveness if you don’t have time to recharge and let go of stress build-up. If you reach the point where you feel completely burned out you may not be able to do very much for your business at all.

How can a Virtual Assistant Help?

A virtual assistant can handle all types of tasks, such as dealing with phone calls and emails, handling some administrative duties, and scheduling appointments. This will take a lot of small but important matters out of your hands, while keeping them in the care of a competent professional, and leave you free to just focus on the main body of your workload. The result is that you will spend less of your time working and have more time to give over to your personal life.

Traditionally, this might have been done by hiring a personal assistant or secretary to work with you in person in the office. However, this is too costly to be within reach of many small businesses – especially sole traders. Even for businesses that can afford it, it still might not seem cost-effective. Virtual assistants are much more affordable and can handle a wide range of tasks. There are now many ways to communicate over a distance, and the bulk of communication between businesses and their customers takes place over these channels, so virtual assistants often find that remote working is no barrier at all to providing good service.

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