Diverting your calls…

Do you worry about losing business due to missed calls?

Do you feel trapped in the office, too scared to leave the phone unattended?

Are you frustrated when sales calls waste your time AND tie up your phone lines?


Then Time Assistant’s Call Answering Service is the answer to your prayers!


Our offices are UK based and we offer professional and friendly assistance with all of your incoming calls.  We also provide a free trial and if you then decide to become a part of the Time Assistant team, there are no set up fees or contracts included.  You simply use us as and when you need us.  The following is a quick guide on how to set up our divert service and to highlight how simple it is…

How to divert calls

  • Time Assistant will provide you with a phone number; it can be either local or national.
  • You may use the number issued or continue to use your own number and simply divert to Time Assistant.
  • You must contact your service provider to set up the call divert facility.  It normally takes a couple of hours to implement and costs approximately £5 per quarter.
  • You will then have the following three options with regards to your incoming calls –
  1. Divert your calls to us in the first instance.
  2. Divert your calls to us when your line is engaged.
  3. Divert your calls to us when you’re unable to answer, normally after fifteen seconds.

Please download the attachment below. It gives you specific instructions on how to divert your calls depending on the different network provider and if your using a mobile / landline.

 Please click here to learn how to divert your calls. 

Please click to read more about our call answering service.