Why I hired a Virtual Assistant


As a business owner I wanted to be in charge of all elements of running my business. Whilst this seemed like a great idea, there came a time when it all got too much. Something had to give and I had to think about was that I could run my business well and without stretching myself too far. I started using Time Assistant around 6 months ago, and would highly recommend to any business owner to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant. I have listed the reasons below:


One of the best things about hiring a virtual assistant for me was the cost. I knew that I couldn’t afford to hire a full time team member. With a virtual assistant they could offer me flexible hours which meant that I only needed to pay to hire them for the actual hours I needed them to work, hence saving me money.


The fact that they could be flexible was also a big selling point for me. I knew that I could hire an all-rounder, so that there was someone on my team to help with whatever I needed at the time. Rather than hire someone as admin, someone to provide telephone answering and someone else to do my social media I could hire one talented individual to help with the basics of all of those and really help to take the pressure off.


As I was trying to spread myself too thin, working hard on all the tasks that needed doing was impossible. By hiring a virtual assistant to do some of the jobs for me it meant that I could concentrate on what really needed doing. This gave me much more spare time and meant that I could dedicate more effort it other areas, such as business expansion.

No Set Up Cost

Before I had considered hiring someone but the cost of setting up office space, buying a computer, setting up a new phone line etc was too much for my budget. By hiring a virtual assistant this worry because as the name suggests, they work virtually. This meant that they already had their own set up and I didn’t have to worry about how I was physically going to fit them into my office space.

For me, hiring a virtual assistant was a tremendous decision and I would recommend it to anyone.

Michelle Quinn, Business Owner of Clyde Stationery.