Why Time Assistant is your perfect start up employee…

Have you ever wondered if your office and employees are actually beneficial to your business?  Do you rent or own the workspace and supply the furniture within it?  Do you pay the utility bills, internet access and office supplies.  You probably deal with other issues as well such as insurance, taxes, employment law, health and safety regulations, etc…  You’re probably paying employees by the hour, for their time, as opposed to for the work they are doing which is more than likely on-line shopping or chatting via Facebook.  However,

Employ Time Assistant and these costs will cease to exist

We are a company that offer assistance to professional individuals and businesses all over the globe. Our team of ‘Time Heroes’ (as our clients call us) are committed to delivering exceptional service.  We are independent, professional and office located.   It is therefore convenient and financially beneficial to outsource business to us instead of hiring new employees.

Unbeknown to most, there are many unexpected costs associated with hiring staff.  Businesses all over the world squander money unnecessarily every day.  This money could be better spent through an investment into the development of any business.

Time Assistant allow this to happen!

We are easy to deal with, flexible in our approach and can latch onto any business as if it were our own.  We will immerse ourselves fully into the foundations of your company and carry out tasks, set by you, to the highest possible standard.

For those of you who remain unconvinced, I have detailed below only a few of the financial implications necessary when employing staff:

  •  Recruitment CostsThe hiring process is very expensive and time sensitive.  It therefore has a detrimental effect on productivity in the work place.

Time Assistant have no recruitment costs.  Our set up is simple, effective and most importantly, completely FREE of charge!


  •  Training CostsA new employee must be properly trained if they are to achieve their full potential.  However, this training is both costly and time consuming.  Businesses must invest in appropriate training and the materials to carry out the training, if it is to be at all effective.

Time Assistant eliminates this waste of time and money.  Our highly skilled team are already capable of doing anything that you require.  We need nothing from you to begin as we are already an established and expertly trained company!


  •  Wasted time/Loss of ProductivityIn a national survey it was determined that it takes the average person at least five months to be fully capable of their new position.  This break-even point is when the staff member is ‘fully baked’.

Time Assistant can be ready and working to the best of their ability within one hour of connecting with a new client.  Five months is a long time, don’t waste it!


  •  Administration and Operational CostsThere are many rules and regulations that must be adhered to when taking on a new worker.  These administrative tasks and forms that must be filled consume time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Time Assistant have no such distractions.  Our introduction is one simple on-line form that takes less than five minutes to complete, trust us we’ve timed it!


  • Workplace Integration/Business SocialisationThis category has both a social and practical aspect.  Supplies must be purchased for new employees to enable them to work effectively.  This can be as trivial as tea/coffee and stationery or it can be as expensive as a computer, desk or ergonomic chair.  Management must also fund social events for their team of staff.  Whilst this may promote a productive working environment and a friendly workforce, it can also prove to be very costly.

Time Assistant need no such luxuries.  We are a fully equipped, well-established team who can begin working for you on a moment’s notice!


I hope to have now convinced you that outsourcing is more beneficial than appointing new staff members.  It will save you enormous amounts of time and money.  If you feel that your business, or indeed your life, could use extra support then use Time Assistant as an alternative.  We can provide what you need with minimal cost and effort.


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